Shanaly is a Web Designer specializing in

UX + UI Design, content creation, branding

and digital marketing.

My Skills

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Canva Design, Adobe Acrobat, HTML & CSS, WordPress, Mobile First Design, Flawless Communication Skills – Written and Verbal, Video creation and editing, Photo editing, Photo retouching, Graphic Image/ad creation, Google Ad Words Management, Reporting on Metrics and Analytics 

My Location

Currently residing in Orillia, ON where my previous position as a full-time Web Designer was for the past four years. Ideally, I would prefer to move to a larger city within the GTA given the opportunity to advance my career.



What Am I Passionate About?

Digital Marketing, Branding, and UX + UI Design.

I’m passionate and driven to make technology accessible, easy and enjoyable to use. I have always had a strong passion for digital creation and have been creating content some way or another since I got my first computer way back in 2004. Some words I would use to describe myself are: Determined, Ambitious, Enthusiastic, Goal-Oriented, Ready to Learn, Passionate and Persistent. 

Websites Designed + Built
Years Working in the Industry
Years of Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator
Clients Worked For

“Design used to be something you would sprinkle on for taste; now its the flour you need to start the recipe,``

– John Maeda


Digital Ads

I’ve worked with a few of my past clients on creating digital graphics and setting up digital ads on Facebook and Instagram. I have also helped with many clients verbiage for how to attract customers in their ads, utilizing Call To Action buttons and bold words.

Social Media Managment

I have worked with a large number of clients at my previous job where I would take the lead on either creating them a social media presence for their brand, or helping them clean up and maintain their current social platforms. I would often be contracted to create digital content for clients.


I have worked with various clients to create basic banding graphics for advertising their products, sales, or a specific event. I’ve had lots of experience with helping a client establish a brand and online presence starting from the bottom up. 

UI Design in Digital Graphics

UX + UI Design is always a priority when building a website or making a graphic. Far too often people overload digital graphics with too much text and the meaning and action that was intended to come from the graphic can get lost. Using powerful words and a “less is more” approach is key.

Website UI & UX

Some websites I have built are more simplistic than others, it all depends on the clients business and how much content they want on their website.  On websites that were more content heavy, such as the linked logo examples under the “Past Clients” section, organizing their information into more compressed formats and putting user experience first by incorporating button tabs, accordion tabs, moving carousels, and proper Menu navigation paths, always aiming for simplest possible way for a user to find what they are looking for on the site. 

“A user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, its not that good.”

-Martin LeBlanc


Website Design + Build

Digital Graphics

``People ignore design that ignores people.”

– Frank Chimero


Click on the logos to view some of the higher-content websites I’ve built.


What My Clients Say

A thank you letter from a client of mine, written to my previous employer. I worked with this client to get her website built and gave her an online presence starting from scratch. I designed and created to fit her businesses branding. I helped her create social media accounts for her company and establish a brand, as well as gave her and her employees a detailed tutorial on how to use Canva. 

A letter of recommendation to future employers written by my Georgian College Interactive Web Development and Design Program Coordinator and Professor, Scott McCrindle. 


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